Problem-Ayon Triton, paired with Vandersteen

Recently purchased Ayon Triton, which I like very much--problem is that I am wanting to pair them with Vandersteen Quattros--which require ability to wire into Pre Amp and Amp separately. Since the Triton has both Preamp and Amp in same box, this is now an issue. Awaiting response from tech department from Ayon, but wondering if anyone else has had any experience along the same lines-very frustrating, in as much as I like spatial characteristics of the Vandersteens far more than many other speakers I have heard, and don't like having to compromise.
The Ayon Triton is an 'it' or a 'them'? Perhaps it's an integrated amp?

If so, there could be 2 ways to connect it to the V'steen filters. One is to use the preamp-outs/poweramp-ins if the amp is so equipped. Another is to connect the filters in the tape-monitor loop and then turn the monitor-switch on.
I am not familiar with the Triton, but nearly all quality integrated amps have a preamp out. I connect up my Audiokinesis Planetarium Betas, which have separate mains and subwoofer arrays, from the integrated amp (VAC Phi Beta) with the normal speaker cable to the main speakers and the preamp out via RCAs to the sub amp.