Problem with Exemplar 3910


You may remember that I was asking about tubes for my 3910 recently. I figured it was time, but I also was motivated because I was getting noise out of one channel - sometimes a "thump" and sometimes a kind of "scratchy" sound. I've isolated the problem to the player, and I have tried two new sets of NOS 6829s with the same result. I have a call (voicemail) in to John Tucker, just a few minutes ago, so I'm certainly not writing to complain. Just thought I would ask if others might know what the problem could be in the interim.

Thanks for any thoughts.


p.s. I have not switched a set of tubes in the player yet, i.e., changing which socket they are plugged into. I haven't done that yet because the problem has occurred with 3 sets of tubes so far.
Does anyone know how long it usually takes John Tucker to respond to voicemails? Or know when I might call and be more likely to have him answer the phone?

It's been a couple weeks since I've listened to music, since I tried tubes first and then discovered that was likely not the problem. If I do listen, it's no fun anyway; my anxiety is too high, anticipating a big thump, and worrying about what might potentially happen if I keep listening. I'm almost embarrassed to bring this up again, because this is high-end audio and I often feel that some people judge those who have expectations of good customer service. I am getting discouraged, though, and it's hard to understand not getting at least a quick phone call after a weeks time.

Did you go to his direct site? Maybe going to the LSA site will wake someone up since he is involved with them last I heard.

I just called John (425-334-4733) and spoke to him personally. Try calling early in the morning...