Problem With Innuos Sense - Won't Play Selected Song?

I have an issue with Innuos Sense (latest version) where no matter how I select a song, it most often will not play.  I can trying playing a single track or I can try playing an album, and I can try using the mobile app or on my desktop PC on the same network as my Zenith Mk 3 (which is totally up to date).  When I try to play an album, it will try and fail to play tracks before moving on the the next, until one finally plays. After finding a song on the album that plays, it will fail at playing the subsequent track (no shuffle is not on).

I'm running my Zenith as a standalone endpoint.  Of note, I can use Roon instead of Sense and Roon has no issues (other than Sense sounds better).

I'm logging a support request with Innuos but just wanted to see if anyone has had this issue and if there might be a quick fix? 





Try rebooting your Zenith Mk 3. I had the same issue but all gone now after the reboot.

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@jon2020 Unfortunately I’ve tried rebooting several times, to the point of disconnecting power, and the problem remains.  

Also, @carlsbad2 it doesn’t appear to be a streaming issue, as the problem also also is present when playing files of the internal hard drive.

I guess it’s not a simple/common issue like I was hoping… thanks anyways!

Innuos is in touch with me now and I’ve sent them the system log files at their request.




I've had this happen to me, but it was nothing related to Sense, but my Internet service was either throttled due to service/maintenance, or there was a fault withe my local connection hub.

Just a thought

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I'll be interested to hear the resolution to this one. Given the issue persists while playing from local disk and plays correctly with Roon would seem to eliminate the network as the culprit. Was thinking you might not get a response given the holiday but Innuos is based in Portugal:) Hopefully you hear from them soon.