Problem with my Rose 150 b

I’m having a connectivity issue with my 150 and my iPad which I use to control the Rose. I can be playing music using the Rose App and just start losing the sound which is intermittent and comes and goes. I have the Rose connected to my AT&T router with an AQ pearl ethernet cable that is about 8’ long. I stream mainly Tidal although it happens when using Quobuz also. I have tried unplugging the 150 and restarting it also unplugging the router and rebooting it too. I haven’t reached out to Hifi Rose yet . Anyone have any thoughts. When this thing is working the sound is really nice. One other thing is that I have AT&T fiber which has 1000mbs speed.


Is this Rose not ready to play nice with Roon??


For the record my 150b works flawlessly with Roon. The connection is cat 7 not 8, through a 75~80' run if that helps with the OP's prb.

Good luck!


Rose 150b should play perfectly with Roon. Listening to it now…;) If you see your meters dancing around, one would expect it would be your output that is causing the problem, rather than your network connection. On top of the advice above you might also want to check the gain settings for your analog out (XLR or RCA) which you can select to match your (pre)amplifier.

I have to report in that my problem with connectivity has been figured out. Looks like I had a bad Ethernet cable. After switching to Wi-Fi for my connection everything worked great so I started thinking about what could be causing my connectivity problem and the only thing I could come up with is that I had a bad Ethernet cable. When I bought my Rose I ordered an inexpensive audio quest cable and looking back I was having this problem from the start.  A few days ago I ordered a new cat 6a cable from Blue Jeans cables and after using it for a couple of hours, no dropouts. 

I realize there may be some sound quality gain to be had from a better cable, but right now my Rose sounds pretty good.

Sorry for jumping off topic, but interested in what other owners have found to be their preferred digital filter/upsampling settings?