Problems with a Vortexbox Power Supply Going Bad?

My Vortexbox is a little over a year old and just barely out of warranty. Last week, the power supply started to catch on fire.

At this point, I'm examining my options. I may see if I can identify what power supply the unit uses and order a new power supply and see if I can get the unit up and working again, assuming nothing else was destroyed.

I see that Small Green Computer now has an audiophile version of the Vortexbox, which didn't exist when I bought my basic version. If one Vortexbox went bad so soon out of warranty, would another one do the same thing?

Can anyone recommend other alternatives for music servers in the same price range as the Vortexbox? I know I could run the feed to the Logitech Squeezebox off any computer, but the quality of sound isn't there with a regular computer.

Please advise. Thanks.

Given what I've seen after a brief Google, it looks like the PSU is 12 VDC at 25 watts. Since the unit uses a switch mode power supply, any generic unit with the appropriate specifications should work without a problem - they're easily obtained from any electronics dealer such as DigiKey. Don't bother trying to repair the original - most likely bad caps and constant heat self destructed the unit. It's cheaper to simply buy a replacement.
Thanks, Palasr.

DigiKey is a great company to buy parts from.

We have come to the same conclusion. It's not worth repairing. They now have an audiophile version, which they didn't offer when we bought the first one.

Thanks cboyles and palasr -  I purchased a vortexbox from small green computer about 4 years back and the power supply just got fried as you experienced.   Took it too a local shop and it'll cost me about $140 CAD to get it fixed (parts/labour).