Problems with Cary 303-200

I purchased a Cary 303-200 about 2 months ago and have had problems with skipping on some discs. If I play the disc again it usually doesn't skip. But this occurs on about every third disc I play and seems to be increasing in frequency. Has any body else experienced this problem?
I had both a used 303/100 and a new 303/200 that both skipped. cary uses the cheap, problematic Philips CDM12 transport which is a real piece of junk. You'd think that this price point, they'd use something more reliable. Anyway, check out my thread on AA at:
I've been using this machine for 1.5 years and its performance has been exemplary. Very surprised to hear of these problems. Perhaps I was just lucky in the speciment I bought?

In any case, call Cary - they are renowned for outstanding service and should make you satisfied.