Problems with my Tri-Vista 300--Need some help

My new Tri-Vista integrated has worked beautifully for a month, but yesterday, for the first time, I discovered that no sound is coming through the right terminals into the speaker. I tried shifting speakers and cables around and found that it has to originate with the amp. The amp has two sets of binding posts, but in changing the speaker cables to either of them, I've still gotten no sound out of the right side. Could this be a problem with an internal fuse, and if so, and since I have no MF dealers here in Korea (I bought off the net), what might be my options in terms of getting the amp repaired? Any suggestions?
This has gotten quite ugly. I took the amp in for repairs to a shop in the electronics market here that handles all kinds of brands. I just got a call last evening with some very bad news. It seems that two of the six trivistor tubes used in the amp have gone bad already--only a bit more than a month after my purchase and brand spanking new. He also said the source selector wasn't working properly and would need to be replaced, but naturally he doesn't have spare parts for the machine because trivistor tubes simply aren't floating around. These tubes are supposed to last twenty years! How could they go kaput in only a month? What am I to do?

Sorry to hear,see no alternative but to have it fixed by official MF importers,have you contacted them ?Dont think 2 tubes in a month is acceptable....Hope Sam Tellig of Stereophile, is reading this about his beloved brand....
Hope you get it fixed.

Sounds like it might have been damaged in shipment, or you were sold damaged goods. The source selector problem should be unrelated. For some reason they designed the TriVista so that the source selector spins each time you turn on the unit. Mine sometimes ends up back at the wrong source. A minor problem. Every TriVista has a spare set of tubes available from MF. You only have to give MF the serial number and you can purchase the second set of tubes. Don't know the cost.

Get the amp back from the shop, the guy doesn't know what he's talking about. There are only 4 tubes in the amp and I'd be willing to bet that he doesn't understand that the selector is suppose to run though the relays when it's turned on. I sent you info on where to send it, if you need that info again, just ask.

Bluebull, your little digs just belie your envy. Washline has a top notch piece of gear, stop trying to make him second quess his purchase. It's not helping matters.
Dear Washline,

Number one MF has plent of "tri-vistor" tubes. Number two the "tri-vistor" is a made up name for a tube that I believe is still in production or at least still available at many places. On the MF web sites one of the reviews that you can download has the noame of the tube printed. It is made by raytheon and costs about 20 bucks