Proceed AVP-2, Did they fix the glitches?

I'm considering upgrading from my B&K Ref 30 pre/pro basically just to get better overall sound quality, adding the ability to use balanced connections (not included on the B&K). However, the B&K bass management, speaker configuration and memorization for each source is very cool and something I don't want to be without. Through recommendations from dealers and fellow audiogoners, I've narrowed it to the Proceed AVP-2 or the Theta Casablanca 2. I want to keep the cost under 10K.

The Proceed seems great and user friendly but I'm not quite clear if its got the capability to do the things I've mentioned above. I also noticed comments of glitches on the original AVP i.e. cutting off the first bit of each song on a CD with digital sources, losing the DTS output when putting your DVD on pause (causing you to go back to re-set up the audio from the start and then relocate where you were in the movie). My B&K has been flawless. I don't want to spend more money for those type problems. By the way, I only intend to use 5.1 surround. Also, I am extremely into the audio part and am forced to use my system for both (no room for two)

I would love your input about any of this and would welcome suggestions for better pre/processors out there.
It sounds like you have a number of requirements and you might want to prioritize them. No matter how much you spend you will compromise on one or more of those requirements.

I would suggest making audio the no. 1 priority. IMO, if that isn't right, it doesn't matter how good the bass management or any other aspect is.

I had read that the B&K Ref 30 is not very good as an audio performer. If that is true, it makes sense to upgrade.

Personally I do not like Proceed. It's never rated that sonically and it certainly seems overpriced. Sonically, I would guess the Theta to be superior to the Proceed.

I'm using a Primare P30 pre/pro in my 2.1 channel system and believe it to be a first rate performer sonically. It's a no frills, no thrills, bare-boned pre/pro designed with a music first approach. I've found it to be sonically superior when compared to 3 preamps I've A/B compared in my home and one of them was very highly rated. The P30 also has 100% analog in 2-channel by-pass mode.

Others to consider might be the new Classe and McCormack pre/pros. They are supposed to be pretty good sonically as well.

McCormack has a brand new pre/pro with a music first approach. If I were in the market for a pre/pro, I'd check out the McCormack before any other unit.

The Anthem AVM20 is a good looking piece...I am concidering it as an upgrade from my Lexicon. Also, the Tag Mclaren AV 32R is suppose to be top notch. Wish I could say I had experience with them, but haven't. Let me know what you decided as I have the same requirements in my next pre/pro.
Well, you're in luck. I've owned both the B&K Ref-30 and the Proceed AVP.

I wanted to jump to an audio/video processor and figured the B&K had the most for the money. However, once I got it home I was not all that impressed with the sonic qualities. Previously I had a CJ PV12 in my 2-ch system. The B&K went back to the store and I took home the Proceed AVP. I must respectfully disagree with the poster above. I find the AVP to be sonically a superior pre-amp to many of its competitors--and quite a bit better than the B&K. And with the AVP-2 I read there will be an improved volume control assembly and better processors. As for the "glitches" the AVP suffers from, I do believe Proceed will address them. However, after tinkering with my AVP I was able to eliminate the "resetting" syndrome when putting the DVD on pause. I faced the same dilemma you did. The B&K is obviously a bells and whistles powerhouse, but lacking sonically. The AVP, while having great sound, does have a few drawbacks. For me, once I listened to the AVP my fears melted away. Try one as a demo in your home. Not sure when the AVP-2 will be out, but I've read that it is going to be fully up-to-date. Good luck with your purchase.
Unfortunately, even the new AVP-2 does not use as good of quality D/A conversion in all other channels as it does the front two channels. Also it does not provide balanced/XLR outputs for the rear channels. For me, I have decided that these shortcomings are unexcusable in the AVP-2's price range. The Theta Casablanca II has better sound, can be "custom configured" for your needs, and will likely be more easily upgraded over time, but it is not the most "user friendly." You should also consider the Lexicon MC-12B which is simple to deal with & is of very high quality. As for the Classe SSP-75, it has an analog section that is beyond comparison, far better than any other surround processor on the market, however, it is lacking considerably in its digital processing capabilities. Again, at the Classe's price range, you should be able to have nearly everything approaching state of the art. There are others to consider as well, but to keep this short, I would simply suggest a detailed investigation of the Theta and Lexicon, and make a choice (or you could wait a little while for developments in this product category as it is changing rapidly...I would be willing to bet that Classe has a new surround processor in the works that will add state of the art digital processing to their excellent analog section). Good Luck!
I had a B&K 20 and recently changed to a older PAV/PDSD setup. The sound is way better than the B&K, though the B&K was flawless use. I do have a few glithes with the proceed which I find frustrating, but for the sound quality its worth the hassles.