Proceed AVP or Meridian 561?

Hello all. I'm new here and am going to start building an HT system. Currently have no surround processor and am intrigued by the above 2 units. Hoping to pick one up used. I also have an old Bryston 3B amp and .5B preamp running a pair of NHT 2.5's. Where do I start? Use the 3B? Buy a new 5 channel amp? Any comments will be greatly appreciated.
My vote is for the Proceed AVP. Madrigal should be offering the upgrade for it this year, complete with new processors and better analog volume control. If you listen to music also, go with the AVP. It is pricey, but it is the last processor you'll buy.
Absolutely the AVP. Smooth as silk in both 2ch and HT.

I do however want to know that inexpensive 5.1 solution for multi-channel SACD that mikelavigne speaks of. Do share.

AVP hands down. Enjoy.
To listen: the sony inference was to its P9000es multichannel preamp that has multiple 5.1 inputs; very handy, reviewed in stereophile, can be had for around $575