Proceed transport repairs......Help?

My PDT-3 plays for about 3-6 minutes then the sound starts to break up and distort. Anyone know what's wrong? Can anyone recommend a repair facility near Philadelphia?

Bruce, I think you will be unhappy with the most direct answer. Harman Design still offers repairs on Proceed transports and players, but you will have to pay them a $1000 (or maybe $900) upfront fee. This is a "not to exceed" value, but the bottom line is that you have to pay them in advance before having any idea of what the repair might actually cost. There are repair facilities that I've heard will handle Proceed gear. I'm sure other 'goners will jump in and mention a few.

BTW, where are you near Philly? I'm not far from Cherry Hill in Jersey.
And no offense to Tony, but; his assessment is not quite accurate. Many of the consistent problems with the Proceed Transports is the transport itself. The PMDT is a prime example. Harmon states that they have no transports that can alleviate the problem and as such are offering the Lexicon RT10 as a solution to the problem. Determing what they they will charge for depends on the problem we are having.
Mark, you are right, of course. I did not mean to imply that Harman is able to repair all possible problems, but that they still do offer repair services for the Proceed gear. Should have made that more clear.

As for the going in cost, that is the price I was quoted early this year. I thought I was having intermittent problems with my own PDT-3 and spoke with them about sending it in. In my case it was just a flaky power outlet (I was lucky). Their policy may have changed since then.