Proceed VS Sherbourn need help

I actually owned proceed amp 3(150x3) and looking to add proceed amp 2(150x2)to complete home cinema system. One of the dealer told me to buy Sherbourne 200x5 instead of buying proceed. So Has anyone try this before. I am not sure that Sherbourn is that good. Please give me some light.
My processor pre is Tag mclaren av32r
My speaker system are kef rerference model 4(front), model 2(rear) and 200c for the center.
Also rel 400e subwoofer.
Proceed VS Sherbourn is like comparing very yummy apples to... well... decent apples.

Sherbourne is great budget gear - I had the monoblocks and the only reason I sold them was because the "auto-turnoff" circuitry annoyed me in my HT at low volumes. Very good on a budget, on a par with the nOrh LeAmp (with double power) or something like that - a nifty little cool running amp. So if he means you'll have a reasonable HT for a fraction of the cost, then OK - you will. You have to decide if that's what you want. Proceed is high end gear. If you want to go to "upper midfi" and your budget dictates, it's sure one way to do things. Certainly plenty of power/dollar with Sherbourn.

But to ditch your Proceed stuff and buy Sherbourn instead? It's the same as selling your Krell integrated amp to get a Denon or Onkyo receiver - maybe it will "work fine" - but it's not comparable gear. (btw I have a Denon receiver, I'm not slamming any gear here).

Put it this way - I will gladly buy you a Sherbourn 5 channel amp and trade it straight up for your Proceed 3 channel amp... hurry quick before I change my mind... nope - I'll do it no matter how long you take to think it over.

I would keep the high end stuff across the front channels, and if you're going to skimp, then get an inexpensive two channel B&K or even a apair of Sherbourn monos for the rear.

I guess once I slip a high end purchase past my wife, I don't want to move back toward mid-fi. Then she can say "see, told you you were stupid to spend all that money on stupid stereo gear"... .I just can't let that happen.
I agree completely
there is no contest
I have all proceed and have heard many other makes that offer better "value"
the problem is "value" is relative. for a few bocks more you will be much happier with the higher end equipment.
I always end up upgrading to the higher end stuff anyway.
keep the proceed.
no contest
and i will also be happy to provide the same deal cozer will
Proceed gear is a steal on the market..used or retail...
Some of the best build equipment out there and trikle down topology from its older brother ML...its a hell of a product.

Built like a tank, excellent performance ..

Have you considered one of the TAG McLaren amplifiers? They are available from mono blocks up to 10.2 according to their web site. I am currently using an AV32r and the TAG 100X5R 5 channel amp and it is a great combo. The two pieces together sound as good as anything I've heard out there.