Processor for Oppo Bluray SACD Native DSD mode

Can anyone recommend a midpriced processor that will process native DSD SACD signals from the Oppo Bluray player? I want to enjoy the higher quality provided by the Oppo's Native DSD processing through HDMI. I am not interested in processing the signal converted to PCM over HDMI (I want the native SACD DSD process). My budget is
1K to 2K used or new. Recommendations, please? Thanks for the help. Really, I mean it. I am confused by the specs on the newer processors.
The only options are from Integra and Onkyo although I do not really appreciate the disdain for PCM conversion.

One of the potential advantages of DSD is simplified D/A conversion that avoids use of a reconstruction filter as required by PCM. Thus it makes sense to try to avoid the conversion if possible.

The effect on the sound of the conversion from DSD to PCM and subsequent PCM D/A conversion is controversial in audiophile circles, but there are a lot of ways for the conversion to go wrong if not carefully implemented.

I don't see wanting to maintain a DSD signal throughout as "disdain for PCM conversion".