Processor Help...Please

My fellow audiophiles, I need help!!! Here is my current system:

Aerial LR5 main
Aerial CC3 Center
B&W's Surround
Proceed hpa3 fronts and center (250watts)
Proceed bpa3( 1 Unused channel)
Arcam 92T CD
B&K Ref 50 Processor
Pioneer Elite DVD
MIT shotgun s3 Speaker cables
Various shotgun s2 and s3 MIT interconnects
63" Philips Plasma

The problem is the processor, its very good for vids but not good enough in 2 channel for my tastes. I find that with the nice clean power and wonderful speakers that the weak point is the B&K Ref 50. And I have the Upgrade bug again, so I believe its time for the B&K to go.

So I am looking for a processor that does music equally as well as video. I m looking at the Bel Canto Pro/Pre, Classe ssp300 or 600, Krell hts, Proceed avp2 or avs. I am open to suggestions but please keep in mind that 2 channel is very important to me. My budget allows for an investment of 2K. Also,if your interested in the B&K Ref 50 Please contact me, its in perfect condition cosmetically and mechanically.

Thanks all for your help and honest assesments, they are very mch appreciated. Music tastes go from Pat Methany to Dave Matthews to Bob Marley to BB King to the Boss.
If your B&K has a pass through I'd recommend buying a dedicated 2-channel pre for music. I've tried some very high end processors (Meridian 861 was my last) and none of them compare to a quality dedicated pre.
Hey there, I would strongly recommend the Krell Showcase. I have demoed many, and found the Krell to do a phenomenal job in 2ch. stereo. Not to mention it has a built-in digital EQ for room correction if needed. For what you can get one used for it is a no brainer. Goodluck!
Doesn't the B&K have a direct mode? Anthem & Sunfire have one and its great. Personally, I'd try different amps first?