Processor upgrade from Integra 9.8?

With arrival of new SOTA TV, will be going from 99% 2-channel to 85%. For 3-d capability, my question is whether to upgrade to Integra DHC-80.3/Onkyo PR-SC5508 or to go higher up the chain. Not sure what, if anything, I will be giving up by purchasing at the $2K price point vs $5K, other than, of course, an extra $3K of expense. Also have an Oppo BDP-95 on the way for Blue-Ray/3D. Will be incorporating front speakers, preamp and amps from 2-channel into the HT system.

Thanks for any help.
Both the 5508 and 80.3 will get you superior audio compared with the 9.8 as well as permit 3D passthrough, although that will not be required with the dual HDMI outputs from the Oppo. However, you might consider the BDP-93 since the only major distinction between the 93 and 95 is the latter's superior analog outputs. You would be best off using the HDMI with any of the three mentioned prepros (including the 9.8) anyway.

There is nothing else I would recommend under $5k.

Certainly,it is not my place to tell you how to spend your money; however, looking at the components in your system, I would consider moving up the chain to the Denon processor ($4400), Class 800, Anthem D2 and others. Any of those units will provide you with the same level of quality as you already have. I am surprised your other components did not jump the integra/onkyo and tell it to scram, it was in the wrong neighborhood.
Thanks Kal. I've already got the BDP-95 installed. I've also already got 2-channel more than covered.

The only issue is the Audyssey processing difference between the Integra 9.8(MultEQ XT) and the 80.2 or 80.3(MultEQ XT32). I have never directly compared this, so don't have any idea. Is it night and day? Subtle? I really can't see how this difference alone could be worth $2600 to me(less whatever I could get for the 9.8). Please enlighten me? Thanks.
Hard to say what it will do for you but I think the overall sound of the 80.2 plus that of XT32 make it a significant improvement for me. The only way to know is to compare them. I have published my observations.