Processor upgrade from Integra 9.8?

With arrival of new SOTA TV, will be going from 99% 2-channel to 85%. For 3-d capability, my question is whether to upgrade to Integra DHC-80.3/Onkyo PR-SC5508 or to go higher up the chain. Not sure what, if anything, I will be giving up by purchasing at the $2K price point vs $5K, other than, of course, an extra $3K of expense. Also have an Oppo BDP-95 on the way for Blue-Ray/3D. Will be incorporating front speakers, preamp and amps from 2-channel into the HT system.

Thanks for any help.
I've tried the Hdmi but thought the Multichannel analogue sounded better. What would you suggest for Analogue pre? Someone suggested the Parasound P7 to me awhile back.

Regards Bacardi
The P7 is, imho, the best choice now. There are some others that one can seek but are hard to find: McCormack MAP-1, McIntosh C45, Audio Research MP-1 and, my favorite, the Bel Canto Pre6.

I am going to be that fish who attaches to sharks and eats the leftovers as my post generated one measly reply. Is the analogue section of the Integra Research RDC-7.1 good enough to forgo an upgrade and just use the analogue outputs of the Oppo 95?
Wish I could help but I have never heard/used the RDC-7.1. I think it is a pretty rare device.

Kal, the Integra Research RDC-7.1 was a surround pre-processor that was modular in design. One could order the unit based on which features chosen and a card with those features plugged in. An example was having an extra set of 7.1 inputs. It was designed with BAT and had the Apogee technology from its Ben unit for lowing of jitter.