Product: Sonus Faber Concertino Domus Bookshelf Speakers; w/ Stands

I bought these today from and they are about 15 years old but in apparently excellent condition. Anyone familiar with them as well as what they sold for back in the day.....with stands please?


Next time check HIFI shark before you pull the trigger on anything that you want to purchase!


I think you have paid a fair and usual price assuming they are in good shape.

I think you did ok too.   I am using a pair of 22 year old Concerto and they still look and sound great.   

Buying those back then was like spending $3400 today.    Enjoy , those are great speakers. 

Lots of times with the interim inflation you will spend about the same price 20 years later on speakers. I would enjoy them. I think that is fair price in todays market.