Professional Speaker Set-Up - South Florida

I am about to purchase a pair of Wilson Duette (ver 1) speakers.  I've got them now on home audition and they work well in my room (odd shaped, fair amount of furniture) and my equipment (PS Audio amp,preamp,DAC,transport).
I can do a decent job of setting them up myself but I would be willing to pay for a professional setup.  I live in SE Florida and there's only one Wilson dealer near me and no indication they do this kind of thing.

If anyone had any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much.

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I provide a service that does exactly what you are looking for. My website is - it has many articles about what I do, how my setup process works, and the results to be expected, along with rates and contact info. I invite you to check out my site and to contact me with any questions.

What they have are two values of resistors that control the level of the tweeter output. I have been playing around with them as well as trying out other hi-end resistors I have around the house.


Thanks for the info. I was hoping to find someone local since I’m in a rental and won;t be here more than a year, which would mean another setup. Your pricing was in line with what I figured, and will consider it if I can’t find anyone in Miami.

I bought the speakers from my friend Steve at High Performance Stereo. Since they’re used, no setup services are provided by Wilson. I’ve never been a huge fan of Wilson but the Duettes sound very good in my odd shaped room with my gear. I looked at a pair of Raidho C1.1s he had but was totally turned off by the stands and didn’t want to deal with getting custom 31" stands made. The Raidhos look and sound amazing but that stand...if you haven’t seen it in person, well lets just say it looks kind of like a funky luggage cart and could be easily knocked over by a 5 lb cat (or a 70 lb dog grazing it). They don’t use spikes and the feet don’t level, so unless you have it on perfectly plum hardwood or tile floors it is very precarious. The Raidhos were probably more refined than the Duettes but the Duettes were much smoother than I remember Wilson’s sounding. I think they somehow get lost in Wilson’s pretty extensive product line.
I do offer a thorough and detailed setup guide in PDF that is only $50. If you are a DIY guy, it has helped dozens of music lovers in situations similar to yours. It is available through my website, and I accept PayPal.