Project Debut Carbon EVO vs. Technics SL-1500C vs Technics SL-1210GR


I'm not wealthy, but I would like to get  back into vinyl .  Is there a major difference difference between these models? 

Thanks for all your help!




If it matters,both tables are made in Malaysia!

WebBoth the 1200G and the 1200GR were made in Japan until the spring/summer of 2021 when Panasonic moved all of it’s turntable production to Malaysia. So G’s and GR’s before that are made in Japan, and all after that are made in Malaysia.

Technics current offerings are all wonderful at their respective price points.  The economy of scale and R&D that firm has dwarfs many other manufacturers. No disrespect intended to other makes (many are great too). But if I were you, I'd go Technics.  The build quality is really something, parts are always available, reliability is nearly unparalleled, and sound quality is super. 

@jbhiller I agree on how the Technics looks but Rega tables are very reliable and simpler to repair in case of need. The Technics tonearm is not bad but the Rega is much better imho