Projection system help

I am setting up a home projection system in a room with the following dimensions:
16'4"X21' with 9' ceilings. I am using a Chief Sl-150 projector lift. My first choice for a projector is the Optoma HD 8600. The screen will be placed on the shorter wall, recessed into the ceiling. Firstly, Chief does not make a plate for the 8600, so it will have to be laid inverted in the tray, which lowers about 8". I am flexible with throw distance, but will the projector be able to work when it will only be suspended about 8" from a 9' ceiling? I REALLY want a quality DLP projector, and this one seems to match my needs and budget (~$3000-$5000). The projector is not very forgiving horizontally (+/- 5%), so placement will be tricky. Any suggestions on choices and optimal placement method would be GREATLY appreciated. I need to make a decision soon.
Lastly, the walls are beige and the ceiling is white. I want a screen which will work with the current color setup, but would also greatly benefit from a likely color change in the near future.


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On the color scheme,My old theater setup was with dark purple walls and grey ceiling, it was perfect in that it let the projector work without any washout or reflections.
My new setup uses beige walls with white ceiling tiles.
Lots of washout and reflections and would not recommend.
With 9' ceilings, you will have no problem with mounting the PJ and dealing with the offset a DLP PJ usually has. The offset on mine puts the PJ about a foot higher than the top edge of the screen. You can also make a mounting plate yourself. Get a piece of steel, plexiglass or wood and drill holes to fit the mount and drill the holes needed to accommodate the ones on the Optoma and bolt it down to it. You don't want to lay it inverted in the tray. One way to set it up is to decide first where you want the image to be in your room and hang the screen there. Once you have that, then you adjust the PJ mount to the right height to hit the screen.
Our media room is painted white and has dark carpeting, The solution I used was a 4' wide strip of heavy black velvet on the ceiling immediately in front of the screen. I was prepared to extend the strip down the walls adjacent to the screen, but found it unnecessary. We had built a stage in front of the screen that is covered with charcoal colored carpet. Mostly for cosmetics but also to enhance soundstage, we covered the wall around the screen with the same carpet used on the stage. I also had the ceiling coffered. The ceiling already had inset spots, but I replaced the dimmer with a more elaborate one. The result is a nice looking room with great video and audio.