Projector Power Cords

Does anyone have any experience with upgraded power cords versus the stock power cords for a projector? I just ordered a Sony 695 projector and I'm wondering if an upgraded power cord will improve the picture on the screen.
MC - did you place the ECT's in the PC  or the Projector.  If the projector, where did you place them them?
Good question. First tried one near the HDMI input on the projector. Nothing. Nada. Which was a surprise, as by now they had worked great everywhere else. So I pulled out the Synergistic placement guide. Ha! Says to place ECT near the connector on the SENDING side! Sure enough, that’s the place! No idea why, but then I have almost no idea why this stuff works in the first place.

The story is dither. Which could be. I’ve x-rayed ECT, HFT and PHT and can see what’s inside. Exactly how and why I don’t know but dither seems to play a role.

Why it matters which end it goes, that I totally do not know! Because I have tried these things all over the place and with very consistent results. But with video projectors anyway they seem not to do much on the projector itself but do improve video when used on the video source.
there is no way a power cord that is connecting hundreds of feet of regular copper to a few feet of regular copper inside the projector that then feeds a power supply is going to have any effect on the image of the projector.  placebo can help a lot tho, our brains are powerful. 
I have seen significant improvements in video quality when upgrading the power cords directly connecting to the display device.  The last 3-6 feet of conductors in the power line are the most important.  I've also seen big improvements when using linear power supplies on any equipment feeding the video signal (such as video processors / switchers, source devices, HT processors, etc.).
Well, I have an upgraded power cord and PPT products on my projector.  At first the picture quality was good.  But I have noticed in the last two weeks as more hours are on the projector the quality is better.  Was it the PC or PPT products are placebo,  Who cares, I am happy.