Projector Power Cords

Does anyone have any experience with upgraded power cords versus the stock power cords for a projector? I just ordered a Sony 695 projector and I'm wondering if an upgraded power cord will improve the picture on the screen.
Can I ask you which cable you chose as an upgrade?  I know that our TV/Projector cables show immediate results.  We have a Video fanatic on YouTube who has been promoting our products for a few now.  It is interesting, but Copper and Silver both show different end results.  Same as in Audio Applications Copper shows a warmer picture and Silver is a more detailed picture.
Copper will have a warmer/slower result in both audio and video if you use typical gold-plated plugs.  Silver, of course, is much faster, but also has its own problems.  I've found the absolute best is solid-core pure copper with rhodium plated connectors.
all of the power cords matter people dont realize that there is a lot more standard copper inside the unit after the iec connector, then a power supply full of standard parts then many more feet of copper traces running the internal power around the unit.  Ive helped design and build many pieces of high end electronics and theres never been one I have seen that was built any other way.  

PS Audio. Thrifty too. Shielding must be done right or you're better off wirhout it.