Proper Ground for Tonearm and Turntable

Hello all,
My first experience with a high end turntable an Acoustic Signature Triple X has a ground on the plinth as well does the Tonearm have a ground cable attached to the RCA cables. I am getting a pop thru my amp when the needle hits the record even if the amp is muted. Should both the plinth and the Tonearm be grounded to the phonostage? What is the correct way to ground this to eliminate the pop?
Sleep walker. ground has nothing to do with signal in a balanced set up. As you might notice most tonearms come with a separate ground wire not connected to the negative side of the RCA. it is like the shield on a balanced cable. Now some phono amps may have a common ground for signal and chassis. i suggest you stay away from them. Balanced outputs are the best with isolated chassis ground second. 
The Zerostat can temporarily reduce static which is regenerated as soon as the needle hits the groove. It is not my fault you have no concept of how static electricity is generated. I refer you to any high school science book. Functionally the Zerostat is stupid and a total waste of money. I am deeply sorry if you wasted your money on one. After you used your zerostat the static electricity was immediately regenerated as soon as your stylus hit the groove attracting dust smoke and god knows what else which your stylus promptly ground into the groove. Great way to ruin records. In the meanwhile Sleepwalker I suggest that you switch to digital media it is more fool proof.
Everyone knows that Zerostat is the first step to clean vinyl signal reproduction. If you weren’t drunk, you would realize that the “ground sweep arm” as you refer to, only neutralizes static charge that exists in the groove *before* the stylus, and is thus ineffective at neutralizing static charges caused by the friction of the stylus. Please get your facts straight. 
I have a couple Zerostats (I jumped on it right away, and still have my original white one), but prefer the Nagaoka Kilavolt (Model No. 103). It’s easy to use, unlike the idiosyncratic Zerostat (don’t pull it's trigger too rapidly ;-) . Good luck finding one!
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