proper Tannoy Canterbury room set up

so I have a set of Tannoy Canterbury GR on the way to live in my dedicated 14'X18' music theatre. The system in located on the 14' wall. Previously Quad 988 esl have lived here, which sat out about 4 foot off the front wall and 2 1/2 foot off the sides, with toe in toward center. To start off with, should I position the Tannoy the same? or not? Someone told me that Tannoy is designed to go back-right-up to the front wall - I have not heard this from any other, so I wonder if it is true or not? Would love to get instruction and hear what other Canterbury users are doing with their room layout.
thank you in advance for thoughtful input.
I elevated my Canterburys not for tweeter performance, but for overall Dynamics, Presence and Tone - greater musical involvement.

They sound less boxy and more like music. IMO, of course.

FWIW - most recently I had a client listen during a RoomPlay Reference session and he (as others have also done) pronounced it the best sound he ever heard in over 35 years of listening. His speakers cost more than my entire system...


Jim Smith

I started out with Viva Auroras. Moved to The LARS Type II with 300B-XLS.

Now use ASR Emitter II Exclusive Version Blue -
Look up for Sumiko setup in the web. It's a very interesting method for positioning your speakers in the room and the results, after some trials and errors, is great. My LS 50s are sound better than ever.
I ran across this post and used some of your ideas here in 2019. Does anyone care to update your previous posts. Using Kensington GR’s with CJ Tube amps (Premier 12’s) I just redid my position of them using the Cardas Speaker placement calculator and it is a completely different experience; in a good way. It opened up the field, has them syncing to my ears in a much more pleasing and holographic way. Unless I am wrong it has made them disappear. Please feel free to update me on your set up including the Sablon speaker cables you felt you might use.