Proper thickness for platter mat Technics 1200GR(2021)

My girl decided to bring home a 6month old Husky last Monday. I didn’t know it was coming. Long story short the new addition chewed up my platter mat. In search of a new one I see all types of recommended thickness. 3mm, 4mm(Herbies), 5mm(Funk Mat) and even 6mm(older technics). What’s the importance of this? I don’t quite understand VTA but it seems to be reason why thicker platter mats are preferred for this particular table. Is 6mm to thick? Is 5mm the sweet spot? Using the MP200 cartridge(if that plays a part).


Im currently investing in to protecting my cables from the pup...just in case. :p


@reubent Tom, it's been a while since I bought mine but it is the one for the SL 1200. It comes with adhesive to make it lay flat on the platter so I don't want to pull it up to look at the bottom. Works great, and the fit is good. I know there is a version that has a lip and one that doesn't. I would contact Funk Firm and ask them if it will fit your table.

@reubent  Hard to pull the Achromat completely off to check as it is it held down with pretty strong tape.  I was able to pry a bit of a side of it off and it did feel like there was a bit of a lip. It is designed for the 1200 so fits my table perfectly.  Your Pioneer is a Chinese knockoff of the Technics so I am not sure how exact a copy it is when it comes to precise sizes of platters.  Probably the mat dealers would know since it is such a popular unit.      

Mine was originally on a Technics 1200 MKII.  When I put the mat on that, everything just snapped into place aurally-greater clarity across the board.  Moving it over to the 1200G it still sounded good but the difference was not as great and it seemed to lose some tonal density.  For this reason, I am still curious about trying other mats.  I have to say that the difference is really minor so not a priority.

I bought mine from England for a lot cheaper than what they cost in the US-even with shipping.  Not sure about the situation today.