Pros and Cons of "Staying with" Analog and Vinyl

After having various turntables over the last 40 years, I am seriously considering getting out of analog. The "vinylists" argue that analog playback sounds more natural, musical, and provides more of an emotional response. I have experienced this feeling several times while listening to my modest vinyl collection, and tend to agree....until I begin hearing pops, clicks, surface noise. I keep my vinyl generally clean and protected

However, after listening to the 40th anniversay edition of Jethro Tull's "Aqualung" I am more convinced that analog is just not worth the time, money and, maintenance. The dynamics on new Aqualung are superb and there seems to be much more detail to what I remember of the Mobile Fidelity remastered recording

I have a modest analog set-up Rega P3-24 with their upgraded PS and the Dynavector 10X5 MC. I was on the verge of upgrading to the new Rega RP-6 which includes a newly design PS, and a choice of color plinths. Even with a generous trade-in value offered by the dealer, I would still be putting in about $1300 + which would get me into the Dynavector DV 20MKII ( above their 10X5.)

I personally don't see the value regardless of the sonic qualitative edge of analog. Maybe, the money could be spent elsewhere or not at all. BTW, I am not getting into computer audio, and am STILL not convinced that a BASIC DAC will bring me closer to analog sound quality. Members have recommended Peachtree's DACIT, and even the supposedly new and improved Musical Fidelity V-DAC II. I have a Rega Apollo player. A great sounding player, but it has its flaws.

Therefore, I would like to hear the pros and cons of staying with analog....or just dumping it. Thanks
For people that primarily listen to pre 1990 music, it makes sense to stay with vinyl. No doubt that the engineers back then and in the early days of CD new how to master for vinyl and not CD. Since the mid 1990's, the recording studios figured it out and CDs are typically very well mastered. To each his own, for me I burned out on the music from the 70's and 80's a long long time ago. I buy lots of new music and I buy only CDs. And for the vast majority of my purchases, the sound quality is better than a 30 year old vinyl recording. Much better. And once I burn it, it will last forever.
12-30-11: Dougdeacon
Despite Rok2id's scepticism, many on this forum and elsewhere listen to vinyl with little or no problems with surface noise. I'm one of them. I'm not going to argue this point from theory. I merely cite my experience while not in any way maintaining that it's valid for anyone but me. I can't tell Rok2id what to like and he can't tell me... and neither of us can tell you!

I'm one...before getting back into analog I cited that as an issue to keep my head still stuck in the sand with digital. If you have a vinyl collection of near mint or better condition, keep your records clean and your table well sorted, surface noise and pops will not be an issue. That is my experience any way.
I came to the conclusion after almost two decades of vinyl-dominant listening, that the expense and hassle and storage and routine was not worth it for what was becoming more and more marginal sonic benefits ( for me). Mt10425 directly benefitted from that decision acquiring the bulk of my vinyl at a pretty good price many years ago. I have no regrets and never had the urge to rebuild a vinyl rig, though I certainly enjoy others vinyl rigs. For me it was a matter of personal priorities, and those were and remain quite clear to me. Yours may of course be quite different. I mostly listen to music stored on hard drives now and enjoy it as much as I ever have.
If you don't get the analog thing or don't want to I'd say stick with digital. Analog done right is a chore and an expense. If it's not an enjoyable struggle/hobby for you it's not worth it. I've always been a worker anyway and when I put the time, effort and expense in I was so richly rewarded that I almost never listen to digital anymore. Digital is quite good at times and convenient. Just be mindful and OK with the fact that there IS more out there if you really want it.
"I see a lot of systems with no analog. But few if any, that have no CD player. Speaks louder than words."

Yes that's because people are inheratly lazy and will trade off sound for a lack of noise they have not learned to lessen with proper care and choices and focus on the the miniscual noise in a properly set up system instead of the music.
Always reminds me of the ones who put their ear to a tweeter and hear a faint hiss that can't be heard from the listening position yet its somehow this major issue to repair. Funny how few ever make a choice on a cartridge and its ability to play quieter than others do or at least you don't see it in the post's. Just the equipment that magnifies everything the cartridge see's and feels and introduces with poor choice.
It's a matter of taste and tolerance and the effort for each individual.
All media has trade offs in some form or another. Just listen to the music and enjoy. Cheers