Pros posing as hobbyists?

I have frequently noted that a seller will often use a normal reason for selling. The typical ones are Downsizing, New baby, Project never materialized.
I check to see what else they have for sale and it can be a very long list. It looks like a semi pro's used components inventory for sale.
It is no crime to sell here as a hobby just making a business on the side as it were. Why give us the silly string of excuses. I like people being very upfront it gives me a sense that the seller has integrity.
A new category without added fees perhaps would make it easy for everyone. What do you think?
If the price is right and the condition of the product is as advertised, from the point of view of the purchaser it shouldn't matter whether it's a hobbyist or a business getting rid of stock. It would bother me if a person was dishonest in some respect though. It makes you wonder what else the person says that isn't truthful. On the other hand, I also think that it's possible that some manufacturers don't want their dealers to be selling discounted goods, or on the internet, so they are discreet when they want to move old stock. Ultimately, it's to our benefit.
it would seem that most selling occurs because the seller is disenchanted with a product. if you "assume" that to be the case, while it isn't always the case, it won't matter whether a dealer or non-dealer is selling.

unfortunately telling someone that the reason for a sale is a dislike of a component will deter sales. i don't sell what i like.