PS Audio AC-5 question

I recently bought PS Audio AC-5 power cord for my Parasound HCA-1205A amp. My pre is Anthem AVM-20 with Shunyata Diamondback power cord. My speakers are Paradigm Studio 60 v.3. When I changed the power cord of the amp from stock cable, I found that the overall sound is more forward than I would like. Also the top end has opened up, but I feel it to be a bit harsh - to the face. Not sure what is the issue. Is the PS Audio AC-5 a worng choice to Parasound amp?.
Hi, not at all I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your going to need 250 to 300 hrs of burn in time for your new cable to settle. Our setups are similar I use an AVM 20 mated to an Halo A21 cables are AC-3's four total and one AC-10 and an Statement SC before the Ac-10 arrived a year after the Ac-3's one powered my A21 and added nice weight to the image and a fuller over all sound over the stock and a Xstream plus which was a whopping 8awg design replaced with the statement sc then back to the AC series with the AC-10(killer cable). Long story short I lived with the Ac-3 for a year the AC's are balanced cables when broken in and you will love the new potential you will recieve from your gear.when each of mine hit the 225 hour mark I was floored. If you have any questions let me know keep us posted on your findings!
i agree. currently have ac10's and ac5's in my system and all required a long break in. mine didn't get sorted out until 200+ hours and sounded even better after 400 hours. give them a chance to loosen up and they'll do a wonderful job.
Thanks jdub and levy. After reading ur comments, i think I made a right decison in picking ac-5. Long wait ahead of me for cable break in. Also, i swapped out shunyata diamondback from my avm-20 to ac-5 cable.I loved the way the preamp sounded. So i have started to think diamondback to be a weak link. I have a good deal on audience powerchord(old version) and Shunyata Taipan Alpha(old version), will any of these better diamondback on preamp or power amp (ac-5 and powerchord/taipan alpha combo).