PS Audio AC-5 question

I recently bought PS Audio AC-5 power cord for my Parasound HCA-1205A amp. My pre is Anthem AVM-20 with Shunyata Diamondback power cord. My speakers are Paradigm Studio 60 v.3. When I changed the power cord of the amp from stock cable, I found that the overall sound is more forward than I would like. Also the top end has opened up, but I feel it to be a bit harsh - to the face. Not sure what is the issue. Is the PS Audio AC-5 a worng choice to Parasound amp?.
Hi Nasaman and Lake like you guys I too am 80 music 20 movies, and have tried to strike a balance accordinly.I also like to extract the full potential from my gear before moving are the changes i made to get my money's worth from my Anthem avm 20. improvements came from moving up from a Parasound HCA 2003A 220 watts x3 to a Halo A21 and from Boston Acoustics VR40 to E100 mains (breath taking speakers)swithiching from mostly AQ cables to Morrow Sp3 bi-wire and Ps audio Ac-3's thoughout and some wall treatments to get rid of first reflections and 2 corner bass traps. Mind you this was all nice to get started and yeilded great results , next I looked at powerconditioners and wanted to get my 5yr old Monster hts 2600mk2 off the system, This led me to Ps Audio and decided to Purchase an Quintet for everything but the A21. I read some where else someone had great results with Jc-1 mono blocks on the Ps audio Soloist Premier in wall power conditioner so why not Ithought the idea of being able to protect my amps and not loose power delievery sounded compelling, before I was in the straight to the wall amp mind you I already had 2 dedicated 20amp lines one for the rest and one for my A21 and Soloist and gosh the doors to High fidelity swung wide open. so in my humble opiniion I would adress power first and you'll really see what your avm 20 can do after that of course sure an dedicated preamp would be nice but only if needed you have already begun to get better sound from it trust me theres more and for not alot of money the 8 pannels and 2 bass traps in coustom colors ran me about $400 and the power upgrade Quintet, Soloist Premier and Premier outlet about $700 I now have the best of both killer 2 channel setup and a theater that rocks!
As of now, I have 'Monster HTS-3500 MKII' feeding
- Parasound amp thru PS Audio AC-10
- AVM 20 preamp thru PS Audio AC-5
- Velodyne Sub (stock cable)
- other players and TV

Monster power conditioner is connected to wall thru stock cable, I dont think the cable is changeable.

Not sure where to start the power cleanup!.
The Ps audio Quintet can be had for around $320-350 at music direct,The captive cord can be a limitation on the Monster. Cool thing is you won't believe how much impact the Powercord has on the overall sound of the conditioner after switching from the Monster which I loved for years, the Quintet had first noticiable deeper blacks on Hdtv and blu-ray movies and a more 3d look as well as richer colors Inoticed this first because after instalation I turned on the tv first(lol)! after that for music and HTsound, dead quitet soundstage, deeper bass and what one would precieve as increased dynamics it seemed louder? Now the benifit of changing the powercord is another ball game as this will effect the rest of your gear you get to see where what works best as you did with your amp and preamp and get even more out of your gear. (Imop) I would sell the Monster down the road and put the cash towards the Quintet you wont be sorry you did and like I did you'll see why power is truly is the foundation of your sound.
Jdub, There is also the Duet version of the power center, not sure if this is exactly the same as Quintet except the no. of receptacles. Iam thinking of Duet just for my amp and pre, instead of connecting all devices to Quintet and overloading it. Can Quintet can handle 6-7 connections without losing its benefits. Also, does the stock power cord in Duet/Quintet suffice?.