PS Audio AC-5 question

I recently bought PS Audio AC-5 power cord for my Parasound HCA-1205A amp. My pre is Anthem AVM-20 with Shunyata Diamondback power cord. My speakers are Paradigm Studio 60 v.3. When I changed the power cord of the amp from stock cable, I found that the overall sound is more forward than I would like. Also the top end has opened up, but I feel it to be a bit harsh - to the face. Not sure what is the issue. Is the PS Audio AC-5 a worng choice to Parasound amp?.
Jdub, There is also the Duet version of the power center, not sure if this is exactly the same as Quintet except the no. of receptacles. Iam thinking of Duet just for my amp and pre, instead of connecting all devices to Quintet and overloading it. Can Quintet can handle 6-7 connections without losing its benefits. Also, does the stock power cord in Duet/Quintet suffice?.
Hi Lake,On my Quintet I run my Anthem Avm 20,Sacd player,Blu-ray player,cable box,TV,Anthem MCA 30(3x200) and an M&k Mx-150 sub. For my Parasound A21 Its on it's own 10awg 20amp line and I use the PS Audio Soloist Premier in wall conditioner which max power is 1800 watts, the Quintet(also on a dedicated 12awg 20amp line) with all the above is only 1250 watts with no limitation of Dynamics at all and the Isolation between components is great the line will hold up to 2000 watts itself. Now if you only have a 15amp line for now you would still be fine with all your gear including your amp on the Quintet and for even better results you can use the Soloist Premier before your Quintet or Duet and get even better results (I tried running it all on the Quintet without any problems in fact liked it a lot I just could'nt let the extra line go to waste.)So if all you can start with is the Duet and it suits your needs go for it its the same as the Quintet minus the extra outlets and cable in and out and Remote triggers.And yes you will want to upgrade the stock cord but will be fine with it till you can.Don't hesitate to ask if you need anymore help.
Thanks much Jdub, I will soon be starting the hunt for Duet or Quintet!. Need to get rid of Monster HTS first though!.