Ps audio aspen FR 30 Loudspeakers

Having bought several upper end products from p.s audio in the past such as their flagship dac   Parts quality inside were Average at best.   I am looking at New Loudspeakers and having over 40 years in audio and owning a Audio Store  to me a 🚩 flag is when you won’t should the Critical Xover inside which is the ♥️ orthe 🧠 of the speaker ,  at $28,500   The speaker should be shown inside and out , and if a company uses the term proprietary drivers or Xover parts ,that means nothing special I except the lofty $$ price tag.  Having modded Loudspeakers for myself and others for over 20 years ,know first hand most mags  take many cost cutting short cuts . It’s up to the mfg to Prove to the buyer they are worthy,Especially a totally new item , they specialize in electronics ,Not Loudspeakers .  Unless you can see everything about the drivers, and Xover and parts quality ,then most likely parts are made in China or close to it ,in reality less then $8k into the total build ,  look at a Wilson Sabrina ,Magico, B&W , they all disclose their build designs . Just ge careful, if you can’t see all your answers, they buy with ⚠️ Caution ⚠️ 


PS Audio designed and had built ALL of the drivers used in the FR30. Not even the OP here has EVER done that!! 

The tweeters, midranges, woofers, and passive radiators are all PS Audio designs, by Chris at PS Audio. Inspired by the IRS V. 

I went to Colorado and visited PS Audio. Graciously, I was permitted to hear a demo of the FR30s. At $30K, these are the finest speakers I’ve ever heard! I’ll gladly take them over the Wilson Audio WAMM speakers. 

Lots of ignorance in here about speakers. Design a XO, now you’re an “expert” mentality by the OP. 


PS Audio does not make any of the parts in their speaker. All the parts are made in China/or far east for them. The midrange and tweeter are probably the B&G Neo 10 and Neo 3......they certainly look EXACTLY like them. Danny Richie at GR Research had Neo 3s made for him at the same factory that the B&G drivers are made. B&G was sold to Christie digital and Christie decided to not sell the drivers to anyone else....then they decided to sell them (through Parts Express) and now only the Neo 3 is sold through retail. Danny Richie at GR Research made several speakers using the Neo 10 that were, I am sure, much better than the PS Audio speaker.....he used the driver on an open, in fact, used 4 Neo 10s with a Neo 3 in between....check this out:

The parts in the PS Audio xover look like good generic Chinese parts.....these are good. However, they are not really serious. You want to see a serious xover then look at the bottom of this page.....a crossover I made for a brand new Apogee Duetta. A brand new Duetta can be purchased (with my custom xover) for around $20K......this speaker would simply kill the PS Audio speaker.

Crossover pics at bottom of page along with an older pic of his speakers....I will have more speaker pics soon....showing his new amps, etc.

The PS Audio speaker is a very good speaker......state of the art....hardly.

PS Audio is a legit company. From what I’ve seen, this speaker had a predecessor that was too impractical to ship and properly setup. I have no qualms at all that this new speaker was built to recover all that lost R&D and start and stop production costs that were incurred. Paul promised to do it right this time, and he spent a lot more on R&D this time around. If his engineers can produce a 5 fold markup (that’s how manufacturing is structured in a lot of industries- $1 in parts equals $5 MSRP) by producing a sound that has people on a waiting list with “inferior” parts, they have done what they were paid to do. If they only have 5 grand in a pair of speakers they could have gone to 6 grand on, even better. As they are helping to recoup those R&D costs at a higher clip than what was expected when the engineering started. Personally, I highly appreciate everything about the company, which includes Paul himself. If he has a great success with these speakers, it’s just one more hurdle he conquered in life and business and one more thing I will admire about the man.

I wish PSB all the success because I enjoy his YouTube videos. 

I am happy with my Sonus fabrrs and I selected them based on sound. I don’t know the name of the cross over or components and I can understand that might be important to some. 

Enjoy the journey 


In general I accept the premise that better quality parts will lead to improved sound quality. However the overall speaker design and manufacturing aspects  have to be considered.

Speaker#1 has an "A" list of renown parts. Speaker #2 uses parts from unknown/unfamiliar less expensive brands.

Speaker #1 sounds just okay and speaker#2 is captivating. I’m spending my money to purchase the latter. Sound quality will always trump an impressive parts list as far as I’m concerned. This is audio so you actually have to do some listening.