PS Audio Aspen FR20: Planar Floorstanding Speakers



I hope they do well with these speakers. PS certainly worked hard on birthing the product line. I was very impressed with the version shown in Chicago a few years back with the removable beatifully finished wood panels. I was smitten with that version. That said, I'm 66 so if Iliked it, it probubly wasn't appealing to the younger market. 

I admire the DIY crowd but do not have that skill set. I have trouble operating a screwdriver. A friend gave a circular saw to us as a house-warming present, and my wife hid it. I still have all of my fingers.

I saw and heard the first attempt from ps audio at axpona before covid locked everything down and was much less impressed, in fact they seemed to have no upper mids to speak of. I haven't heard this latest iteration, but appreciate the original design.

steve59 - No doubt anything before the lockdowns was one of the "False Starts" PS Audio has admitted to during their lengthy process of launching a speaker line. I'm guessing those had more Arnie Nudell influences... whereas their current speaker line really looks to be more of Chris Brunhaver's designs and concepts.