PS Audio BHK lacking..

I bought a used PS Audio BHK preamp to replace my Rotel.  It sounds thin with no depth & bass compared to my Rotel so I let it run for over an hour with no change. I'm new to tubes so I'm looking for ideas. New tubes or what?
Interesting on your experience on the Psvane tubes.  Just goes to show how system synergy and personal preferences are so important.  Most folks on the PS Audio forum have preferred alternatives, as have I, but that certainly doesn't invalidate yours or anyone else's experience.
Don’t lump McIntosh in the same group as Rotel.  Rotel is a joke compared to McIntosh. Back in the 70’s, the only stores that sold Rotel were those that couldn’t get credit from any of the other companies. Shame on you!
I was thinking to replace my parasound jc2 with BHK preamp for the last couple of months, but looks like other experiences and opinions r so controversial. Now what I have is big big doubts. Should I do it and will SQ get benefited from it !!!???
fertguy-Is it possible that your speakers are out of phase? That could cause what you are describing.
No, I’ve solved the problem. It was old tubes. I’m new to tubes so I spoke too soon. surfmuz, don’t hesitate because of my screw up. Mine is sounding much better w/new tubes.