PS Audio BHK Signature vs Modwright LS100 preamp

Hi, does any body have experience comparing PS Audio BHK Signature vs Modwright LS100 preamps ? Theoretical opinions r welcome 2 
Hi, unfortunately i can’t find any reliable data on Aesthetix Pallene specifications... look like this unit is kind a rare. 
I have never heard the Modwright.  I owned the BHK and was pleased with it but the stock tubes are awful.  I rolled in a pair of Tunsgrams from Upscale Audio and it radically improved the sound profile.  

I used it for about a year with a pair of VTL-MB-185s.  I moved to an Art Audio Conductor which is a single ended unit that is very customizable when I took on there line and it was a step up from the BHK, but, pricier.  

Another unit worth looking at is the KR Audio P-135.  It is a 45 based preamp and throws out a massive soundstage.  Has balanced interconnects and is really a brilliant unit in the same price range.  

Full disclosure, I am a dealer for both Art Audio and KR.  Check out a review for the KR over at Positive Feedback.