PS Audio Direct Stream MK2 DAC

While researching the PS Audio Direct Stream MK2 DAC on the PSA Forum, I came across this:

"Regarding “hum,” Ted said: “ You had the opportunity to return your device if it was wasn’t acceptable. I don’t know how one could claim to have been screwed…….”

Not only that, this “hum” was a known feature, as it was discussed early and often in the beta thread. Paul even went so far as to claim every component PSA has ever produced (or at least, every component on his shelf) has this hum."

Further, Ted himself says:

"The hum is coming from the piezoelectric response from a few critical capacitors in the power supply. The device was designed with a component that wouldn’t cause this problem, but supply chain problems forced us to design in a slightly older version of the part which caused the hum. Unfortunately, the new and old parts aren’t footprint compatible, so we’re stuck with the older version for a while even when the newer parts become available again."

Ted is Ted Smith, the" Chief Digital Dude" at PS Audio.

Question to all PSA DS MK2 DAC owners, do you hear a hum?

All in all, do you think it would be better to wait for a while until the problem sorts itself out - OR - is it "much ado about nothing" and I should just go ahead and get the PSA DAC?

I am leaning towards waiting .... But I am interested to hear your views too.





While not on the same level as the DirectStream DAC, I purchased a Stellar DAC a few years ago. The unit I purchased had to be sent in for repair for the optical port immediately after purchase, constant audio dropouts, traced back to the unit. The second time was for a capacitor issue where they replaced the entire unit. I was sitting there listening one night and it damn near blew out my right channel. Pretty sure it damaged my hearing too. I would never buy another piece of their gear. In fact I still have the new one boxed up in my closet which will probably go on Ebay. 

I have owned for over a month. Zero hum.  I have on Orea. But even before never heard.  Is it next to in order to change settings. Nothing. 

My only concern about PS AUDIO is when they went online to consumer direct sale's they did not change the prices where you can get 20-40 from dealers before 

Paul is great guy but I really don’t understand it yes of course you can also get great resale / trade in price from dealers  

because of that Paul I’m Out 😌😉☺️