PS Audio Direct Stream MK2 DAC

While researching the PS Audio Direct Stream MK2 DAC on the PSA Forum, I came across this:

"Regarding “hum,” Ted said: “ You had the opportunity to return your device if it was wasn’t acceptable. I don’t know how one could claim to have been screwed…….”

Not only that, this “hum” was a known feature, as it was discussed early and often in the beta thread. Paul even went so far as to claim every component PSA has ever produced (or at least, every component on his shelf) has this hum."

Further, Ted himself says:

"The hum is coming from the piezoelectric response from a few critical capacitors in the power supply. The device was designed with a component that wouldn’t cause this problem, but supply chain problems forced us to design in a slightly older version of the part which caused the hum. Unfortunately, the new and old parts aren’t footprint compatible, so we’re stuck with the older version for a while even when the newer parts become available again."

Ted is Ted Smith, the" Chief Digital Dude" at PS Audio.

Question to all PSA DS MK2 DAC owners, do you hear a hum?

All in all, do you think it would be better to wait for a while until the problem sorts itself out - OR - is it "much ado about nothing" and I should just go ahead and get the PSA DAC?

I am leaning towards waiting .... But I am interested to hear your views too.





acmaier3:  boy somebody is trolling PS Audio.  What are you going on about?  This is a great DAC and your comments seem to be intended to slam PS Audio.  You have an agenda.  I have listened to this DAC for about 3 weeks.  It is amazingly good with great dynamics and soundstage..clean your ears or your mind.


I can understand being upset with a company that advertises that their DAC has streaming capabilities, but did not provide such capability.  Assuming that a MKII product has the same features as a MK1 product is on the consumer.  This assumes that the manufacturer provides information on the feature set of the MKII product.  I was very interested in the MKII DAC, but the timeline didn’t fit within my purchasing timeline.  I never wanted a DAC with streaming capability.

I received my PS Audio DS DAC Mk2 a couple of weeks ago or so. I have given it an initial listen and it gives a nice soundstage with good detail and imaging. No hum at all. A nice DAC. Much more listening to go. But so far so good. As for the streaming, they never advertised that the Mk2 had streaming. Lots of good DACs don’t have built in streaming. I have other great streamers. I don’t need PSA building in streaming and increasing the price further. This whole complaint about steaming is a lot of nothing. 

Just to add, as a former MKI/bridge 2 owner, the “noise” PS mentioned about the bridge card, I don’t think was audible noise.  People on their forum were finding the MKI sounded better with the bridge card removed, hence the thought that a Dac sounds better with no network card inside.  

As far as the MKII, I believe the network update function/wifi only is active during update, or can be shut off.  

One nice thing about the MKII is you can/or will be able to shut off inputs not in use.  Add the grounding isolation features, XLR shell lift,etc 

My MKii is broken in and sounding fantastic and now I’m running it straight to my BHK300 monoblocks and I’m getting the best sound I’ve ever had.  

I still plan on getting the transformers upgraded.  

DirectStream DAC MK2 with BHK300 amps:  no hum, just a fantastic musical DAC with AirLens.