PS Audio Direct Stream

Has anyone received this unit yet?
And if so please share your review.
Well..if the PDSD sounds much better playing PCM than does the PWD2, then it will be a considerable achievement. Yes I owm a PWD2 and it's about as good as it gets at its price point.
I talked a friend into ordering one. Can't wait as I didn't want to give up my transport.
I heard the DS DAC at the AAVC and it is the most incredible DAC I've heard, and is indeed a true game changer. Mine should be shipping soon.
Srwooten, please get back here with a review after you get it settled in. We'd love to hear about it.
Srwooten, I appreciate the info but can you give any examples of other DAC's you have heard that the PSA DS overshadowed? That would help so as to have a reference point.

And anyone else that have heard the DS that would care to add.