PS Audio Directstream Dac so many for sale?

I have one and have been enjoying it for over a year now. I upgraded from the Perfectwave Dac Mk2 and am happy with it but I wonder why there are so many for sale? Obviously there are better Dacs out there but for $3500 the DSD is a nice Dac. I’m not yet itchy to upgrade the DSD as it is a nice piece. It goes well with my Perfectwave transport and Auralic Aries G2.1 streamer.
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But Paul's predictions on release dates are notoriously awful.  Let's see. 

As it is there is only one DSD for sale these days. I took the advice of many and had my Directstream dac modded with the Edcor  XS4400 transformers and I was lucky enough to get one of the last Jkrichards power supply boards. I am powering the analog section with a Keces P3 and I installed Synergistic Research purple fuses in both Keces and Directstream dac. Finally I had a Furutech NFC (R) installed on the dac. The Directstream dac and Keces P3 sound amazing. I think I have a classic dac. It will be interesting to see how the DS Mk2 compare to the modded DSD.