PS Audio Lanrover Looks Great! Any opinions?

I posted earlier about a solution for hooking a Mac computer up to DAC over a fairly long distance.
This looks like the best solution for me.

Anybody tried it or have any opinions.
i think I will order this.
I think it will work better with some DAC's than others. :)

In your case, it's probably a good solution, but so would any streamer really.  Some of the problems it claims to be solving are probably non issues for a lot of setups.

In other words, it's kind of an over-hyped middle man, but the possibility of using a long CAT 5 is a tempting one. :) However, by using a real network, you can get more flexibility.

There are also powered USB extension cables that can help you as well.



For that price, build your own music server and be done with it. :)



I own the PS LANRover

My chain is;

Bryston BDP-2>Intona>PS LANRover>Intona>Recovery> Mutec>Mutec> PS Audio Direct Stream.

The LanRover on its own was just ok, but when added into my USB chain it makes a great sound even better.

I must add that I have a linear power supply on the LANRover and Recovery devices. All USB cables are the Curious cables.

I think I am going to make this simple and just buy an Audioengine B1 so guest can stream their music as well