PS Audio Lanrover Looks Great! Any opinions?

I posted earlier about a solution for hooking a Mac computer up to DAC over a fairly long distance.
This looks like the best solution for me.

Anybody tried it or have any opinions.
i think I will order this.
For that price, build your own music server and be done with it. :)



I own the PS LANRover

My chain is;

Bryston BDP-2>Intona>PS LANRover>Intona>Recovery> Mutec>Mutec> PS Audio Direct Stream.

The LanRover on its own was just ok, but when added into my USB chain it makes a great sound even better.

I must add that I have a linear power supply on the LANRover and Recovery devices. All USB cables are the Curious cables.

I think I am going to make this simple and just buy an Audioengine B1 so guest can stream their music as well