PS audio m1200


I have an ARC Ref 6 preamp with B&W 803 D3 speakers. The M1200’s have a lot of power. I am going to look for a way to demo them. The specs list 600W into 8ohm, 1200 into 4, and stable transients at 2ohms.

I believe the speaker impedance curve has a 3ohm dip. Does anyone have experience to know if these amps are stable at 3ohms with enough power?




Interesting. I have the ref 6 and don't have that problem. Good luck and I hope you can figure it out

They are great D class amps with a Tube stage

PSAUDIO has a 30 day trial period that is no charge

They will also give you $$$ towards old equipment towards purchase

Trying out equipment via PSAUDIO is a no brainer

@zpatenaude37 The Bel Canto Ref 1000m also use ICEpower modules, though they use the older 1000ASP boards. I would go for the PS Audio M1200 for the tube input stage and power supply mods. The Ref 1000m is basically just the ICEpower board hooked up in a chassis, nothing more really.

That said, it would be great to be able to demo them before you make any moves. It should probably work, but in my experience ICEpower boards suffer most in the upper midrange and highs (being thinner and fatiguing). A speaker that is low impedance in the midrange like yours can make it sound even thinner, but that may be alleviated by the mods PS Audio has done (tube input stage and power supply upgrades). Asking them may be a good way to move forward.

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