PS Audio P15 power conditioner vs Accuphase PS 520/530?

I want to add a power conditioner with my study system.  It consists of an Accuphase E-550 integrated, AMR DP77SE DAC, & Ridge Street Audio Design Sason speakers.  I feel no need to change components.  I'm debating between an Accuphase PS 520/530 or a PS Audio P15.

Has anyone compared the Accuphase and PS Audio power conditioners?
Your thoughts are appreciated. 

Go and take a look at my system page.

I've posted some waveform shots. There are a few with different PCs that give you a glimpse of the actual mess that is coming in from the utility 

You can also see what a clean form comes out. Especially at the peaks. 

Thanks    doitwithlife

I've decided to go with the PS Audio P15.  Thanks to everyone for taking time to respond.
……. I have owned both; The Accuphase from a sound standpoint as well as just build quality and parts is just in a different league all together.