PS Audio P15 power conditioner vs Accuphase PS 520/530?

I want to add a power conditioner with my study system.  It consists of an Accuphase E-550 integrated, AMR DP77SE DAC, & Ridge Street Audio Design Sason speakers.  I feel no need to change components.  I'm debating between an Accuphase PS 520/530 or a PS Audio P15.

Has anyone compared the Accuphase and PS Audio power conditioners?
Your thoughts are appreciated. 
……. I have owned both; The Accuphase from a sound standpoint as well as just build quality and parts is just in a different league all together.     
I hooked up my new PS Audio P15 Power Plant with no complications.  After a half hour, I listened to some music. To my total surprise and amazement, the bass seemed tighter and more robust.  It's timbre relative to other sounds created a fuller, slightly more complete palette of sounds. I did not expect such an immediate and apparent change. fyi, flac hi rez files into Pass Labs XP20 into Pass Labs XA100.5 monos into Consensus Audio Engineering Conspiracy speakers.  So far I'm very happy with the P15. 
I owned the Accuphase P1200, purchased new. It was very very nice on front end gear but on amps I could definitely hear it limiting the dynamic range, this is why I sold the unit. My PSA P10 powers one of my systems completely including an OTL amp and the 300B. Absolutely no dynamic compression and it sounds amazing. Soon to purchase a P15. As a former owner of the Accuphase I don’t find a disparity in build quality, different yes but my P10 is aesthetically very nice.