PS Audio Perfectwave transport still good?

I am currently enjoying my newly upgraded system with one of the components upgrade was my Perfectwave Dac Mk2 to a Directstream Dac which I am enjoying but I wonder if upgrading my transport would be worth the money as I have virtually upgraded everything else except my Hales T5 speakers. Would it be worth anywhere near $8800 CND to get the new PS Audio Memory transport. My 8 year old PWT transport functions flawlessly and I’m hesitant to get the Last transport from PS Audio as it had too many functionality issues.Would the current version PS Audio be That much better to warrant it’s inflated cost.


After some research I read about many people having issues with the new PST. My gut instinct is to stay with my older Perfectwave transport as it has been working flawlessly for almost 10 years and it sounds good especially with my Audioquest Dragon HDMI cable between it and my newly modded Directstream dac. Perhaps if/when the issues with the new player are resolved I may consider it. As it is my current transport sounds good and I even have 2 spare disc drives and an adapter for if/when the disc drive fails in my current transport. It does sound good and many people have told me that if I am only using regular CD’s to stay with my current transport. There are many other people who claim the sound of the new PST transport is better than the original PWT.

The Directstream transport would not be my choice.Unless SACD is a requirement I would look at a CEC belt drive,which I currently own,or Jays Audio MKIII.If you care to discuss flip me a pm.

I got a Perfectwave SACD transport and it is working without flaw. I got a unit from a good batch. I am thrilled. The sound is very nice already and I only got it 2 days ago.

I have been using a PWT for around 2 years now. Very good. No problems. 1k from the Music room..

But I think most PSAudio is overpriced at their retail. This has a $ 20 Acer dvd drive. They have replacements last I checked. It works but at 3k original price is dumb. Buy used! Oh the remote procedure is weird too.

My opinion of course.