PS Audio Phono + Sony HAP-Z1ES

Does anyone know if a person can send the D/A output of the PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter directly into a Sony HAP-Z1ES for archiving vinyl? It would be great to have a 2-box solution for archiving vinyl. The Sony only has an Ethernet input and the PS Audio does not have that corresponding output port so I assume they do not talk to each other, or is there a cable that can accommodate both? Or is there something that can link them that is simple?

I am sure there is something I am not understanding about these devices but upon reading the reviews it seemed as though a relatively simple solution might be at hand for this task by mating these two devices.

Thanks to all who respond.
I guess I am trying to understand how one can make digital copies of LPs. 10 years ago I had an Alesis Masterlink and it was a simple matter to run the analog signal into that device and it would store it on the hard drive and I could play it back at whatever sample rate I chose to record at.

I sold it because I was not very serious about archiving my vinyl (and eventually getting my collection down to a manageable number). I would assume there is something like that out there with a terabyte of memory and a better means of organizing the files. This is what I thought the Sony device could do.

Not sure I understand the difference between the Sony HAP-Z1ES and a regular computer with music software.

I thank you for responding despite that I do not quite understand how to proceed.
I would look into an Ayre QA-9 which is an Analog to digital converter. You would plug this into a computer to make the copies. The Sony is basically a audio server which plays DSD and PCM files which are stored directly on the sony.
The Sony is not what you need. If you want to use the NuWave you'll need a computer and recording/editing software, PS makes specific recommendation, or you could use a dedicated recorder from Korg or Tascam.
The PS Audio NuWave phono is an A/D converter. Why would I need to get another one? This is what I do not understand.

I'm sorry to be so persistent but I am trying to understand this process. If the analog signal has been digitized into a high rez DSD or PCM by the PS Audio Phono converter, what kind of machine do I need to convert this data stream into a music file that I can access for playback. Obviously somewhere in the chain we need a DAC.

If someone could just outline in a chart the stages that we need to go through I might understand it better.

I'll start here (as I understand it): Phono signal - A/D conversion - DSD or PCM (all accomplished by the PS Audio Phono) - ???something to process and put the data on the harddrive - DAC - Audio Preamp - Amp - Speakers.

What sort of device is the fourth stage (I realize it is a computer but what soft ware is needed to make it work).

Is there a freestanding device that will take the DSD or PCM stream, process it and put it on a hard drive AND function as a DAC so I am looking at two boxes between the turntable and the preamp. This is what I thought the Sony would do but I now understand why it will not.

This is what the Alesis Masterlink did for me 10 years ago.

Is there nothing like that out there like the Alesis that has more storage and organizes the music better?
PS Audio has forums on their website, just hit the Community button, and I'd guess that this topic has been discussed there at length. If it has not been discussed already, I'm sure there would be no shortage of people willing to explain what you need in detail.