PS Audio Phono + Sony HAP-Z1ES

Does anyone know if a person can send the D/A output of the PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter directly into a Sony HAP-Z1ES for archiving vinyl? It would be great to have a 2-box solution for archiving vinyl. The Sony only has an Ethernet input and the PS Audio does not have that corresponding output port so I assume they do not talk to each other, or is there a cable that can accommodate both? Or is there something that can link them that is simple?

I am sure there is something I am not understanding about these devices but upon reading the reviews it seemed as though a relatively simple solution might be at hand for this task by mating these two devices.

Thanks to all who respond.
It would have been too simple for Sony to provide analog inputs to their new machine.
With myopic thinking like this it's no wonder Sony's stock has fallen so low...
TAS has an article on the NuWave phono converter in the current issue (March) including a one and a half page sidebar on how to archive your vinyl by Paul McGowan, the owner of PS Audio.
Thank you all. I think I've got it now. My only comment is it seems as though the digital market place needs a device that will process and organize a DSD or PCM file, store it on a hard drive, and include a DAC with an analog out. Maybe this would be too complicated for a one box device.
Again thanks to all who responded.