PS Audio Power Plant Premier Power Cables

hi all, i am using a ps audio ac-12 on my ppp. i am using verastarr grand illusion power cords on my power amps.

im also in the market for a couple more power cords.
im thinking i may try some silver cords.

before i start changing cables around, i was wondering if anyone has tried some other high end cables on the ppp and would like to share their thoughts on this.

I upgraded the power cable with a bmi cable and it was a big improvement, I would highly reccomend that you upgrade the cable, I also have my ppp on stillpoints and that is an upgrade on sound also. Just my 2 cents
Going from the PS Audio AC12 to the BMI Hammerhead MK5 is a staggering improvement. The AC12 sounds dull in comparison and the AC12 is no sloutch.
I upgraded the PC coming into my PPP and it made a huge difference. Homemade PC w/Oyaide Tunami cable and plugs. I use these on all my better gear. Harmonic Tech PC's otherwise.
I swapped out my $150 heavy gauge cable for an AC-12 and found there to be no improvement. Should I move further up the cable foodchain to get the results you guys appear to be getting? I have been a PC sketic until the AC-12 finally delivered, but between wall and PPP (soon to be P5) it did not work.
All systems are different; I would think the AC-12 would be good enough to demonstrate a difference if you were going to get one. I have a Shunyata and swiching between different 20 amp PCs was like changing amps so it all dependes on the rest of the system, the quality of the AC and who knows what other factors.