PS Audio Power Plants

My music on great days sounds three dimensional with  great sound stage depth, good solid bass , and no harshness on the high end.Those few days, I may listen for hours, However most days it sounds flat with no depth and I can't listen for more that 30 minutes or so. This is not a new thing. Its been happening through all different equipment and several houses for years
Has anyone had this experience and would a PS Audio Power Plant like the P10 or P20 help?
I upgraded my Furman power conditioner to the P10 about a year ago and while the difference wasn't dramatic, it was noticeable and positive.  I'd say the biggest difference was "blacker blacks" to use a video analogy if that makes sense.  It was if the music was emanating from a cleaner background.  I do get some hum from the transformer inside it sometimes, and while I wish that wasn't there, it isn't very noticeable.  I'm maxed out on outlets and power capacity of the thing, but I'm running 6 amps off of it (2x mid/high, 2x mid bass, 2x subs) plus many less power hungry components.  I could use a P20, but I don't have the room in my rack.  I recommend the PSA gear, though the trusty old Furman still works too (and is now moved to the 2nd system)
I had PSAudio Powerplants since they were first introduced many years ago. I now have a P5 also. I transforms your system... Nothing more to say!
I just recently purchased a used PS Audio Power Plant Premier, it wasn't working properly, so I sent it in to PS Audio for repair. While talking to PS Audio technical support, I asked what the difference was between the PPP and the new P5/P10/P20....Besides price? His answer was basically, the bells and whistles (Cool LED/LCD screen, network connectivity, and oscilloscope functions) As for the re-generation section he said it was basically the same through all the products. Minor improvements but nothing earthshaking...
Once I got my PPP back and installed into my system, their was a noticeable difference is sound...The noise floor was so low that the music presented itself as completely new recordings. To hear the finer details in the sound was astounding. 
I do not believe line conditioners would provide you with the same result as a power regenerator could based on how the 2 work, which is completely different with completely different outputs. 
@keithjacksontucson if you can find a used P5 or P10 I'd buy it in a heart beat or even a PPP as it will support up to a continuous load of 1500W which a significant continuous load. 
As someone who has an entire system of PS Audio,  i am admittedly a bit prejudiced.  I have gone from a PPP, to a P5, to a P10 and each time was a noticeable improvement in sound.  If i would use one sentence,  it was that everything was more effortless and easy sounding.  I plan to buy a P20 later this year and sell the P10.   just got to save up my duckies first.
@joeschmoe I had a much different conversation with PS tech. support. Perhaps the circumstances at the time affected our conversation. At that time, PS was offering over $1000 in trade-in value on a P5 or P10. Their advice to me was definite that the P5 would be a significant upgrade over the PPP and that I WOULD be able to run my power amp off of it, which I could not do with the PPP. The time I tried to do so, the regenerator went offline requiring me to return it to PS.

I did the deal and my entire system runs off of it using only 34% of its capacity! A great piece of gear.