PS Audio Power Plants

My music on great days sounds three dimensional with  great sound stage depth, good solid bass , and no harshness on the high end.Those few days, I may listen for hours, However most days it sounds flat with no depth and I can't listen for more that 30 minutes or so. This is not a new thing. Its been happening through all different equipment and several houses for years
Has anyone had this experience and would a PS Audio Power Plant like the P10 or P20 help?
I think hifijones idea is definitely worth trying. The 2Q is quite an elegant solution-take a peek...
keithjackson(tuscon): A few already mentioned (rightfully) a Balanced/ Symmetrical AC power supply/transformer -such as Equi=tech.

I would recommend same.

Additionally, for 'digital' specifically, consider an AC Re-generator (300-500 watt/low power) is absolutely fine for 'source' equipment power.


What legs do you have in PS P10? 

I tested the TAOC and Stillpoins SS and I didn't like it. Decreased depth and air.

Now I think about VooDoo Iso-Pods or Synergistic MIG.

Took my P5 out of the system. Made it lifeless. Replaced with another mfr's device, cheaper but better sound. 

Last time I said something bad about PSA my post was deleted, we'll see this time.