PS Audio PowerPlant 12 Review (AC Regenerator)

PS Audio PowerPlant 12 Review

This is interesting. The testing concludes that the filtering inside of the actual electronics device is what matters and that this PS Audio product actually adds its own noise. Some irony.  


I owned an early  PS Audio PowerPlant for years! After a few year it became noisy with clicking sounds.  I called about having it serviced. After a very rude conversation with someone on PS Audio staff I dropped it in the trash.  Interesting by the time I got rid of it I'd upgraded my front end twice and never noticed a huge change. My front end at the drop was Mcintosh and Esoteric.  

I owned a Stellar Powerplant P3 for a few years, and recently upgraded to the P12. I really like it. I thought the P3 made an improvement, but the P12 is even better and makes my system sound consistently good. I only use it on my front-end components (primarily because my front-end components are located a fair distance from my monoblock amps). 

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