PS Audio PPP vs. Velocitor vs. BPT 3.5


I am looking into power conditioning/passive options and am wondering if there is a clear choice between the PPP, Velocitor S, and BPT 3.5.

My system consists of: PS Audio PerfectWave DAC (Source), Tom Evans Linear A, Zu Audio Definitions.

I have tried the PS Audio PPP and it definitely makes a big difference. Sound is tighter and more coherent. Highs and clearer too.

Based on the voltage readout, the voltages fluctuates by ~3V. So it seems fairly constant. In this case would I be better off going with a passive option? Could the Velocitor / BPT be better?
Danyal - All three listed, having their own "flavor" are very good options. Much will depend on the sound flavor you are attempting to dial-in (in fact, the Velocitor and BPT units are rather much sonic opposites). Having owned and enjoyed each, (if the dollars enable) I would also add the new Bybee Wire conditioner to your demo ... it could be a major surprise.
Danyal I have owned the BPT Signature Plus 3.5 for 14 months and it is wonderful. It has elevated the performance of my system across the board. The sound floor is lower as promised with a very noticable improvement in low level detail,ambience, microdynamics and the sense and presence of air and palpability. Many people say you should`nt plug power amps into a conditioner but go directly into the wall socket. Well with this high current design BPT my power amps are clearly better into this unit than uising the wall sockets(20 amp dedicated line). The sound is more dynamic, pure, open and the stage is wider as well as deeper. I have heard very good reports regarding the Walker unit but have no personal experience. By the way I should mention that my BPT is dead quiet in my music room, despite it`s very large transformer I hear no hum.
Thanks for the replies. I have read similar things about the BPT and Belocitor. How about the PPP though, does it compare?